About us

LTM was founded by Chelsea Hyett, Registered Nurse with a Masters in Oncology, two small children and a passion for reducing exposure to harmful toxins.

Amidst a global pandemic and pregnant with our second child, I wanted to know that what I brought into our home was good for us and good for our planet.

I realised the lack of clarity for consumers wanting truely natural, toxin free, eco-conscious and ethically made products. I created LTM as a source of support for anyone needing safe products, in-home support and online education.


our ethos

We believe that everyone should be able to identify and reduce environmental toxin exposure, so that their health can thrive.

We educate and support our clients in achieving this goal, as they move towards healthier bodies and homes.

our vision

Our vision is for everyone to have the knowledge needed to reduce their exposure to environmental toxins. For Low Tox Movement to be seen as a source of support for anyone wanting to make low tox changes and live a more sustainable life.



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low tox

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