Five first steps to creating a healthy home

Making low tox changes in your home doesn't have to be hard, or expensive. 

It's easy to get overwhelmed by the idea of detoxing your home. It seems like toxins are in every aspect of our homes - our food, personal care products, cosmetics, cleaning supplies, even our clothing... this is why it's important not to take it all on at once. We tell our clients to begin by choosing one area they would like to focus on, knowing the toxins in that area they would like to rid their home of whilst slowly phasing them out and bringing in the good
  1. Choose one area of your home to detox at a time

  2. Know your toxins

  3. Know your alternatives

  4. Phase out the nasties

  5. Bring in the good

Detoxing your living spaces

Start by ridding your living space of any synthetic fragrances. You'd be surprised at how many synthetic fragrances are in our homes! We have obvious culprits like candles and air fresheners.. but even some bin liners and toilet papers are scented! Know what is synthetically scented in your home and either donate those items or remove them from your home as many of these release harmful volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

Natural ways to scent your home
  • Fragrant houseplants
  • Air cleaning plants
  • Opt for candles made from soy, coconut, rice, uncontaminated vegetable oils and beeswax that are scented with 100% pure, organic essential oils and botanicals
  • Diffuse 100% pure, organic essential oils
  • Place a cotton ball soaked in vanilla extract in a small saucer in your home to freshen the air
  • Boil cinnamon sticks and cloves then simmer in water to eliminate lingering odours and freshen the air 
  • Make your own charcoal air freshener

Detoxing your kitchen

Start with the food you eat. Begin buying local, organic and whole foods. If buying meat, consider whether the cattle is grain or pasture fed. This is a great way to begin clearing your diet of unwanted pesticides, preservatives, hormones and additives. 

Begin looking at how your food is packaged. Can you find the same item without packaging, or packaged in a sustainable way? Can this item be bought in bulk?

When sourcing cookware, opt for stainless steel, ceramic or glass as these materials are sustainable and free from toxins.

Detoxing your cleaning supplies

There are mass amounts of harmful chemicals in cleaning products. Many of which label themselves as abrasive and warn against skin contact or inhalation. But we breathe it in once we've sprayed it, we touch the cleaned surfaces after using it and at times even place our food on the surface cleaned with these harmful chemicals. It's important to ensure what you are cleaning with is... clean! 

Natural ways to clean your home

Detoxing your personal care products

Personal care products contain hundreds of chemicals known to be toxic. We will go into this in more detail in another post, but as a start, ensure what you are using is natural and avoid the toxic twelve.

Take the detoxing process one room, and one product at a time. You can slowly phase out the nasties, or you can do a complete overhaul. Whichever method you choose, we are here to guide you. Check out our services page for more on this!

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