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Low Tox Movement Clean Shopping Guide


Packed full of valuable information, the Low Tox Movement Clean Shopping Guide really is the ONLY guide you'll need to kickstart your low tox journey. Comprehensive, but condensed, this guide will walk you through choosing safe, non-toxic products at any shop (or help you when looking through the products you currently use at home!) 

Within the Low Tox Movement Clean Shopping Guide there are five individual shopping cards which each fold nicely into the size of a business card.

Alternatively, the guide can be downloaded to your phone.

The LTM Clean Shopping Guide includes the following shopping cards:

 Safe Sunscreen

  • Understand the difference between chemical and physical sunscreen
  • Common ingredients with safety concerns
  • Types to avoid
  • What to look for on the label
  • Ingredients to love
  • SPF and protection
  • Additional helpful tips

Healthy Eating

  • Preservatives and additives
  • The Dirty Dozen
  • The Clean 15
  • Vegetable and seed oils to avoid
  • What to look for on the label
  • Food coloring
  • Additional helpful tips

Safe Cosmetics

  • Preservatives to avoid, and preservatives we like
  • Common ingredients with safety concerns
  • How to pick safe nail polish
  • How to choose mineral makeup
  • What certifications to look for
  • What to do before committing to a brand
  • Additional helpful tips

Baby products

  • Shopping clean nappies and wipes
  • Which feeding bottles and sippy cups to buy
  • Clean bedding
  • Non-toxic feeding sets
  • How to find clean creams and ointments
  • Safe children's toys
  • Additional helpful tips

Personal Care

  • Cautionary products 
  • Common ingredients with safety concerns
  • Marketing hype to watch out for
  • Ingredients we love
  • Safe certifications to look for
  • Navigating natural dental care
  • Additional helpful tips

The number one question I get asked is "is this safe?".

We wanted to create something tangible that would help answer this question for you when you're on-the-go.

Overwhelmed with navigating the world of low-tox?
Don't know where to start?
Unsure of what ingredients are bad and which ones are good?
Have you been fooled by marketing hype before?

These shopping cards will give you the tools needed to spot greenwashing, identify harsh chemicals, and find products that are safe, truly natural and nourishing for you and your family.

No more asking yourself "is this safe?"...

*Applicable internationally

*This is a digital download which will be emailed to you immediately upon purchase and can then be printed and/or saved to your device.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Paige Jeanneret
Easy to Understand

LTM has definitely made a difference in how I look at products. I was so surprised to learn that many products that I considered safe, weren’t! Chelsea has made what I consider an overwhelming experience when it comes to reading labels/ingredients, easy to understand! Thank you!

Haylee Abberfield
Life saver!

Searching for ingredients online while at the shops is very overwhelming for me, I love that I was able to save this to the iBooks in my phone and simply search for an ingredient or look at the go to/ avoid list for the category of product I was looking at. Takes the guess work out of things & makes my shopping experience a lot less stressful & makes me feel better that I can make the correct purchases for my family! 10/10 would recommend!!

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