What is Low Tox Movement doing for the planet?


100% home compostable packaging

Low Tox Movement have partnered with HeapsGood Packaging so that we could send you parcels, in a way that's good for the planet. Their mailers are made from a combination of cornstarch, PLA (vegetable-based plastic-like material) and PBAT (composting co-polymer) and the ecolabels are made of FSC certified compostable thermal paper. They will breakdown in home compost within 180 days and 90 days in a commercial compost. 
Our honeycomb packing is made from 100% recycled brown paper which can either be repurposed, recycled or used as brown matter within compost!

100% carbon neutral delivery

We have partnered with Sendle not only because of their quick, professional service but because they care about the environment. They are 100% carbon neutral which means whatever CO2e they emit is cancelled out by a process known as 'offsetting' – that is, supporting projects that reduce emissions, like regenerating precious forest, replacing old equipment with more efficient technology, or even training communities in beekeeping! They are also a certified B Corp. In short, the 'B' refers to corporations that are beneficial to society!

donatating or recycling unwanted items

During the Healthy Home detoxifying process, some of our clients choose to replace their pre-loved items. In an effort to reduce landfill and support Australians in need, we will donate unwanted goods to our local charity and women's shelter. If there is a product we can not donate, we will recycle it at the North Sydney Community Recycling Centre or at an EPA Chemical Cleanout event.