Low Tox Movement

Healthy Home Bundle


No more wondering where to start when it comes to reducing your exposure to environmental toxins! This Healthy Home Bundle includes everything you need to know, and more.  

Save yourself MONTHS of research, and get everything you need to go toxin free in just one click - and watch your health thrive!

Our Healthy Home Bundle includes the following digital downloads:

#1: Healthy Home Checklist

  • A checklist of small changes you can make throughout your house that is going to have a big impact on your overall health and wellbeing 

#2: Low Tox Movement "How to Detox Your Home on a Budget"

  • Our complete guide to reducing exposure to environmental toxins both in the home and out. This guide introduces you to environmental toxins, explains in a step-by-step process how to get started, and runs through how to (affordably) detox your home room by room. It gives you the what, why, and how. 
  • Included is our two page list of brand recommendations. These are brands vetted by us for being completely natural, and free from any ingredient known to cause human harm. From cookware, water filters, cosmetics, personal care, cleaning, bedding and home construction. 

#3: Low Tox Movement Clean Shopping Guide

  • This includes 5 printable pages which fold into business card sized cheat sheets for your wallet. Alternatively, download them to your phone for even easier referencing when you're shopping. Know how to choose safe sunscreen, personal care items, foods, cosmetic and baby products. Packed full of value, we are so proud of these guides.
  • This guide includes a link to all of the evidence-based research referenced in order to create this guide, so you can be confident the content is based on scientific research.

#4: Low Tox Movement Naturally Made DIY Recipe Book

  • 20 pages of tried and tested all-natural DIY recipes you can make with ingredients from your own pantry! Detox your home on a budget with these powerful, yet affordable recipes which cover every area of the home. 

#5: Weekly Detox Calendar so you can track your achievements 

  • This Detox Calendar makes it easy for you to set weekly low tox goals; keeping you accountable for switches and on-track to creating the Healthy Home you dream of!

After purchasing, you will immediately receive a link at checkout to download these files on to your computer or smartphone. You will also be emailed a link.

This bundle is packed full of valuable content we know you would not find anywhere else.

Make your move towards a healthier body and home

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